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Uncovering the Truth About Green Coffee Ultra

The search for the perfect weight loss supplement that will magically take away the fat seems to never end. People are constantly looking for that magical solution that melts away fat with no dieting, no exercise, no effort. Obviously, that’s why the weight loss supplement industry is enormous. Everyone is standing by, ready to gobble up any news about the next big thing with their wallets in hand.

One of the most recent magical weight loss pills to hit the market is green coffee extract. There seems to be something different about this one, though. There are hundreds of new supplements introduced to the public each year, but most of them you rarely hear of. The ones you do hear of never receive any kind of valid endorsement or proof. Green coffee extract, on the other hand, has. Dr. Mehmet Oz featured it on his show, therefore nonchalantly endorsing it. And America has ate it up. Literally.

So what is green coffee extract? It’s a supplement made from green coffee beans, that are simply just coffee beans that have never been through a roasting process. If they are roasted, they lose their value for those who are turning to this for weight loss. Green coffee beans contain something called chlorogenic acid and if the beans are roasted, that acid is destroyed by the high heat.

A study that was carried out and presented at the American Chemical Society in San Diego showed that taking green coffee extract can help you lose an impressive amount of weight. Participants lost nearly 20 pounds in 22 weeks. You may think “Big Deal! That’s one pound a week” But what you have to consider that they didn’t do any more exercise than usual and they didn’t eat any different.

Now that the demand for green coffee extract is higher than its ever been, there are more companies coming out with different brands of the supplement. One that we’ve recently found is Green Coffee Ultra. While we’ve looked into several of them and we do our best to stay abreast of new brands, we haven’t really looked into this one before. So here’s our opinion. Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Their Biggest Marketing Approach

As we always warn, there are plenty of green coffee extract brands out there that are less than stellar. That’s the case with pretty much any supplement that becomes popular. They say the same and we agree. However, they try to twist this because they say their brand is the only brand used in one of the studies done on green coffee bean supplements for weight loss. That may be true. But they simply choose not to tell you that their brand is by far not the only one that’s been tested.

Does it Even Contain Svetol or GCA?

The biggest thing that Dr. Oz stresses about choosing a green coffee extract is the fact that it needs to have Svetol or a minimum of 45% GCA. This company fails to mention either, and the images are so small that you can’t even try to inspect the bottle and see for yourself.

The Cost

This is the final thing we’re going to say about Green Coffee Ultra. It will set you back about $60 for a single bottle and it may not even be the kind of supplement that Oz featured in the first place.