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Asia-Pacific Network

Hello and welcome to the site for a network of Asia-Pacific region.

This site is a resource to answer all your questions about the network of the Asia-Pacific region.

What is a network of Asia-Pacific Group?

Asia-Pacific Network Group (APNG) is an online organization solely dedicated to the growth of the network infrastructure in Asia. We are also dedicated to research and develop all technologies that will help us in our mission.

That is our mission?

Simply put, our mission is to promote the World Wide Web, and coordination of communications in the Asia-Pacific region.

What can APNG support?

We can help you find a quality resource for outsourcing software development. Outsourcing is one of the best, simple and effective way to maximize profits in any business. We are doing pioneering group of economic research that will help you find the best partner for niagen in the Asia-Pacific region to rent software projects. Let’s do the leg work to help you in your next project.


Where are we today?

Currently, APNG is a leading voice in the Internet network in Asia. He inspired many other organizations, including the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). It also supports and represents the Asia-Pacific region in the network group “Coordinating Committee for Inter-Continental Research Networks.” CCIRN an international group with an international membership with members from North America, Europe and South America.

How do we work?

APNG primarily works as the Executive Committee and the Secretariat. We have two annual meetings. These meetings are held in different locations each year in the Asia-Pacific region. Each meeting usually includes a seminar, which focuses on trends, topics of interest, all related to the field of networking and communications.

How to participate?

We have open membership. No one and everyone to participate in our wide range of working groups. In addition, everyone has the right to hold what we call “Bird-in-a-Feather” brainstorming and discussion groups are held throughout our annual meetings.

Our coverage area

The phrase “Asia-Pacific region” is used in a very free and comprehensive way on purpose. Each and every country in the region in the Pacific, as well as those on the Asian continent can join in any activity and the benefits of APNG.

Current Economy , Who participate

At present, our member economies to stretch far and wide. We have members in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, USA, China, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

About Vietnam

At the present time  Vietnam is the only country that outsourcing in the country. Outsourcing in Vietnam is dedicated to help your business maximize its profits and the return of the software development process. We spent most of the year analysis of the industry in Vietnam, and we are confident that we can help you choose the best local partners who can deliver all your requirements and specifications.

Wait, Vietnam is good information technology?

Yes. While this may come as a surprise, outsourcing to Vietnam is currently helping companies such as IBM and Cisco, Nortel Networks and to achieve a better return on their software. There are literally hundreds of businesses and companies are now outsourcing to Vietnam, but very few want to go public, which will share a competitive advantage and resourceful competitors.

APNG project management can help

In APNG, our goal is simple: we want to provide your business with quality, yet cost-effective outsourcing strategy.

In short, we act as your eyes and ears in this new and robust market that can deliver a huge return on any project.

Outsourcing is not damage to the economy in my country? Do not I need to hire workers, where my company is based?

The United States and other Western countries on the basis of competition and free markets for weight loss products like garcinia cambogia, as this is what led to their success over the past two hundred years. Over the last decade, globalization has led to new partnerships and open more markets around the world. Increased competition is beneficial for the global economy. As living standards rise throughout the world, the whole world will see the benefits of it.

If your company saves money by outsourcing they can thrive and expand, creating new jobs, both at home and abroad. Although many people think about the economy, in terms of win-lose situation, it is not the case anymore, as the search for foodsecurity has become a dominant force in the globalsustainability movement. More and more countries related to each other, the economy is now a win-win situation, and outsourcing is at the forefront of this movement.